30:28 min
Starring : Lexington Steele, Kylee Reese
Description : Today, you get porn with a bonus. Along with a brief interview moment of Kylee Reese at a convention, we have this video of that sexy blonde being fucked raw by Lex Steele's big dick. First in her throat, then in her sweet pussy, Lex drives it home while she squeals, squirms, grinds and cums... and cums... and cums! Anyone who loves seeing interracial where the white girl can't get enough big dick, this is the video for you!
24:50 min
Starring : Lexington Steele, Roxy Reynolds
Description : Roxy Reynolds is exactly the kind of woman that turns Lex on! She's a tall, thin, athletic ebony goddess with all the right curves. Even better than all that, Roxy has no problems taking a big dick anywhere Lex wants to put it! This hardcore 25 minute scene has Roxy getting drilled in standing positions, riding him like the pro she is. When this is over, Roxy's face is completely glazed in Lex's cumshot.
29:30 min
Starring : Lexington Steele, Katie Kox
Description : Katie Kox, thet curvy blonde with the big natural tits, is a little impatient and a lot horny at the beginning of this 29 minute scene. She meets up with Lexington Steele, kicks back at his place, and starts seducing his eyes. It doesn't take much of Katie feeling herself up and staring into Lex's eyes, before Lex wants a blowjob. Looks like all Katie needed was interracial sex with a huge dick to brighten her day!
37:49 min
Starring : Jon Jon, Blu Diamond, CJ Wright
Description : Sexy and friendly Blu Diamond has libido enough for two, in this 37 minute hardcore scene. Jon Jon and CJ Wright put her to the test with a 2 on 1. Turns out she can take it - no matter how much time they spend stuffing her pussy and face full of cock, she keeps smiling and never buckles! She looks perfectly satisfied by the end, when the dudes are dumping their cumshots on her ass and face!
35:19 min
Starring : Lexington Steele, Sophie Dee
Description : We're not going to lie: Lex was fucking excited when we told him Sophie Dee was back for another round on his big dick. Sophie wasn't exactly complaining herself. Some chicks just love fucking a cock that doesn't even look like it'd fit halfway, and Sophie proves it. There is no hesitation: she sucks him hard and gets on to ride. This 35 minute interracial scene will amaze you with how hungry Sophie's pussy can get!
29:50 min
Starring : Lexington Steele, Stacy Lane
Description : Curvy, toned, and hot - that's Stacy Lane at a glance. Get closer, and you'll also find out she's a freak, a nympho, and a damn good lay! How good? Good enough for Lexington Steele, so good enough for any man! Stacy, a soft ebony hourglass with big natural tits, gets right down to hardcore fun with Lex's big dick in this 30 minute scene. And she's no quitter: she takes that massive rod in tons of positions for most of the runtime, and takes the cumshot on her face!
19:13 min
Starring : Camila
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31:11 min
Starring : Belinha Baracho
Description : Wow. Brunette bad girl ''Bella'' is in full force party mode for this hardcore 31 minute group sex scene. If you've ever been to a party where there's one famous slut wearing an evil grin while five guys grope and grind on her, then you've seen a scene just like this one. Well, except that Bella is ready to fuck all these guys, right here, right now! Her awesome body gets anal-ized and takes loads of double penetration.
32:00 min
Starring : Silviane Mercedez
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38:55 min
Starring : Kelley
Description : A sexy brunette named Kelley is here to play gang bang girl in this 38 minute hardcore group sex scene. She starts by sucking off one dude, but soon the whole mechanic shop has noticed the action and wants a piece! You can't blame the guys for stepping up to bat, she's young and horny with a great big mouth and hot natural tits. Kelley winds up getting anal and double penetration and then slurping down several cumshots by the time this scene is over!
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